Listening to O’Carolan

Turlough O’Carolan, harpist/ composer, born blind 1670, Co Mead

First morning sun pries open the mountain;

Her rays sparkle on the pond and disturb the geese.

Light rushes across the field, illuminating sheep

as it passes.

Straight rays bolt through the open cabin door and creep

to Baby’s breast and rest there for a moment, rising and falling.

Then over to the market, to swirl among the villagers

Already bartering bread.

Light stretches out until

Beams waken the hills beyond,

And a swift swallow of lyric sound

Bursts out of  boundaries and swallows

All County Roscommon.

What was dark is now covered

With Light and cloud Shadows racing in circles

Above the meadows where wind makes the

Rye wave in wild confusion.

In the evening they lie next to each other,

Light and Shadow,

in sweet smelling grass.

They entangle with delight until twilight sends

Them, oh so slowly, back into the ground.



About alicebarrett

Small town writer
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