Feather and Skin

The sixty-ninth year is coming upon me

Since first I made to count.

Still the self-same hawk circles over,

Or another in its place,


Skimming clouds overhead, watching

My old bones and eyes.

She disappears a moment into the sun

So that I can remember the first,


When we met, midway between earth and cloud,

And touched,

And recognized one and the other,

In midair feather and skin.


Unwearied still, she ranges beyond my eyes,

Stopping only to spark a dream or

A recognition, or better yet,

A reminder,


In midair between feather and skin



(With thanks to WB Yeats)

About alicebarrett

Small town writer
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1 Response to Feather and Skin

  1. hms18152012 says:

    Like it! H is for hawk

    Sent from my iPhone


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