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Prayer Written during President’s State of the Union Address

Okay, I know You’re around. No need for me to worry or to seek or to sing psalms. You’re around. Don’t get all poetic on me about You being reflected in everything I see. Or that You dwell in every … Continue reading

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Profile in Silhouette

Behind him a brick wall drips with old colors, He is facing West 82nd Street. His lashes droop down, his eyes are closed. All I can see is the blackness where his face was, . As if his face had … Continue reading

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This forest is so young My hands can reach around almost each tree, My arms can tightly embrace even the oldest. Yet such quiet pervades the forest That I forget time. . Quiet is itself older than trees and forest, … Continue reading

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Feather and Skin

The sixty-ninth year is coming upon me Since first I made to count. Still the self-same hawk circles over, Or another in its place, . Skimming clouds overhead, watching My old bones and eyes. She disappears a moment into the … Continue reading

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Stay tuned….

I’m working on the final draft of my first book. Crowds are waiting for release: I’m working as fast as I can.

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Cafe haiku

Floor tiles are mismatched An old man stands bewildered Which way to go now? . . A woman passes In the cafe filled with diners – A breeze melts my skin   .

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Skeleton Skeltonic Verse

skeleton bones rattle as they roam ‘til they come back home. the last time i saw one he, she or it shone in the sun. he, she or it was having fun until he, she or it shouted a curse … Continue reading

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