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White birch is curling on one of the south windowsills.
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Spring Tanka

Spring Tanka The first seeds planted Settle in a cold wet ground A bit too early in spring.    The seeds and the gardener    Place bets against another frost. …. The first seeds planted Settle in a cold wet … Continue reading

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Lessons 2

Basho A burning sun slowly going down to drown – Mogami River   Me One feather of sunlight settles on the icy lake gently gently   .

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Lessons from a master 1

Basho Spring passes and the birds cry out – tears in the eyes of fishes   Me Where summer walked oaks stand naked over crusted rivulets  

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Clench the Fence

I lied. I said she said okay, But I hadn’t even asked. . Lying to Grandma, that’s how much I wanted to, I’d even lie to Grandma. . The project courtyard had fenced in grass, no larger than a tiny … Continue reading

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A Rainbow Fell Before Me

A rainbow fell before me On a dusky pale road. It sounded like a bird. It sounded like boots splashing in a puddle. . A rainbow fell sad upon a road. The road curved away Leaving her behind with A … Continue reading

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This forest is so young My hands can reach around almost each tree, My arms can tightly embrace even the oldest. Yet such quiet pervades the forest That I forget time. . Quiet is itself older than trees and forest, … Continue reading

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Feather and Skin

The sixty-ninth year is coming upon me Since first I made to count. Still the self-same hawk circles over, Or another in its place, . Skimming clouds overhead, watching My old bones and eyes. She disappears a moment into the … Continue reading

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