Prayers to Mary

Celtic Goddess  Danu 
(source unknown)
Celtic Goddess Danu (source unknown)

1 Prayer to Mary

Where are You hiding in this bleak time?

The grey sky is covering where I stand.

This is Your time to 

Dig in the rubble,

And search for my heart,

Or at least to hold my hand.

2 Another Prayer to Mary

You are at the end of my in breath,

So close 

Yet out of reach.

The climber swings free, and

In a panic cannot reach the rope.

The grey sky is below.

3. Knowing is Hope

Now look, light begins to light the snow.

Look, the leaves shimmer, I know they rustle.

I cannot hear, but I know they rustle.

No matter my deafness, they rustle.

For now, that is enough,

To know that

Out of earshot

Leaves are rustling in the breeze.

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Small town writer
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1 Response to Prayers to Mary

  1. Alan Surprenant says:

    WoW. Beautiful Alice! Did you stack all the After the Fall juices on the same pallet? 😉 the rustling leaves are the young Beech who hold onto their leaves till spring ♥️

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