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White birch is curling on one of the south windowsills.
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Spring Tanka

Spring Tanka The first seeds planted Settle in a cold wet ground A bit too early in spring.    The seeds and the gardener    Place bets against another frost. …. The first seeds planted Settle in a cold wet … Continue reading

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Autumn Haiku

autumn cold – watching a coup slowly melt

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The Making of the Book of Kells

Some monk somewhere made slow delicious love to each letter, holding each word close to his hand, his face, his heart. Was it the sound of the letter that revealed its intricate shape? Slowly, after listening and sleeping and waiting … Continue reading

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How Haiku Saved My Soul

Haiku instructions: Stop Look around Listen Smell Feel your skin Take a breath Optional: write a few phrases. Suggestions for opportunities to write haiku: In a forest On a mountain On Main Street Northampton In front of a fire Standing … Continue reading

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Lessons 2

Basho A burning sun slowly going down to drown – Mogami River   Me One feather of sunlight settles on the icy lake gently gently   .

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Lessons from a master 1

Basho Spring passes and the birds cry out – tears in the eyes of fishes   Me Where summer walked oaks stand naked over crusted rivulets  

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Theft The United States is a misnomer The Destroyed States of the Americas has an honest, forthright, sound. Countries steal other countries all the time. England stole my ancestors’ country. But I don’t live in other countries, I live here, … Continue reading

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Clench the Fence

I lied. I said she said okay, But I hadn’t even asked. . Lying to Grandma, that’s how much I wanted to, I’d even lie to Grandma. . The project courtyard had fenced in grass, no larger than a tiny … Continue reading

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Pawn Shop Mirror

This mirror has spots melted into the glass, Age spots like rust in the upper right hand corner. The glue holding in the glass is leaking from the frame. It seemed a good idea at the time, Buying a mirror … Continue reading

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