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How Haiku Saved My Soul

Haiku instructions: Stop Look around Listen Smell Feel your skin Take a breath Optional: write a few phrases. Suggestions for opportunities to write haiku: In a forest On a mountain On Main Street Northampton In front of a fire Standing … Continue reading

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Prayer Written during President’s State of the Union Address

Okay, I know You’re around. No need for me to worry or to seek or to sing psalms. You’re around. Don’t get all poetic on me about You being reflected in everything I see. Or that You dwell in every … Continue reading

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Feather and Skin

The sixty-ninth year is coming upon me Since first I made to count. Still the self-same hawk circles over, Or another in its place, . Skimming clouds overhead, watching My old bones and eyes. She disappears a moment into the … Continue reading

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Catholic High School

They sent us forth under false pretenses. They sent us forth with the false idea that we knew the world, knew where we stood, knew what needed to be done. . In truth, after graduation, we landed like turnips off … Continue reading

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The Road Around the Hill

He insisted that the road wound around the hill all the way to the top with No stops. He lied. On purpose. .. On the first curve was an ice-cream truck. I passed it by. First test passed. On the … Continue reading

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