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Roisin’s Telling 2

The wind’s coming in the cracks now. Continue reading

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The Coming Cold

Life up in the mountain croft is restless, I can feel it.
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Clench the Fence

I lied. I said she said okay, But I hadn’t even asked. . Lying to Grandma, that’s how much I wanted to, I’d even lie to Grandma. . The project courtyard had fenced in grass, no larger than a tiny … Continue reading

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Catholic High School

They sent us forth under false pretenses. They sent us forth with the false idea that we knew the world, knew where we stood, knew what needed to be done. . In truth, after graduation, we landed like turnips off … Continue reading

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578 million, eight hundred eighty

  If a life were a quilt would I have 67 squares? or 720 for each hour in each month? Let’s see that would be 67 years times 12 months times 720. . Life is much longer than I’d previously … Continue reading

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Ballad of a Needle

If I had an needle I’d sing you a song about a dress. It would be the pretty blue and white one Mom sent me out to play in. But, there were benches to climb on and railings to hang … Continue reading

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