The Road Around the Hill

He insisted that the road wound around the hill all the way to the top with

No stops.

He lied.

On purpose.


On the first curve was an ice-cream truck.

I passed it by.

First test passed.

On the next curve was a shining silver lake.

I passed.

Second test.


Around the hill two more times until

Around the very next curve

Sat Sigourney Weaver.

I hesitated.

My foot eased off the gas.

Then I pushed down, sped up

And almost hit a car coming down.

That was a close one.


Then just at a narrow pass, were two abandoned puppies.

How cruel not to stop and take them!

However, I pursurviered.

Onward and upward!


On a lay-by a man was selling a Jane Eyre first edition, for $19.95.

Oh torture! Oh heartbreak!

I passed by.


I looked in the rear view mirror until he disappeared.

Hours into the climb I could see the hilltop.

Victory was at hand!

In fast succession came

A garden of roses,

A meadow of wildflowers,

A vacation home on the Maine coast,

A full set of strong teeth,

My father alive,

My grandmother alive,

All my pets alive,

I sped past them all,

and raced to the very top.

And forgot why I had come.

About alicebarrett

Small town writer
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