Daily Kitchen Counter Love Notes

Part of “30 poems in November” fundraiser for The Center for New Americans (www.cna.com). Support them by clicking: http://www.razoo.com/story/poems-for-dollars. Thanks.

J –

At work –

                     Sorry didn’t do dishes –

Dog fed

Cat out –

Back 6:30



A –

Went to board meeting –

Dog is fed –

Cat out –

Toby called

Will do dishes when I get home –

I love you

J –

Took dog for walk –

be back soon –

Don’t know where cat is –

Sorry about dishes

Love you

A –

Visiting Mom –

Took dog –

Cat outside I think –

Dishes soaking –

Watch stupid TV tonight?

Love you so much

J –

Your sister called yesterday – forgot to tell you

Dog not fed –

Dishes not done – sorry –

Don’t wake me up

Love and kisses –

A –

Went to look for cat –

We’re out of dog food –

I did dishes except for pots –

“Mystery” on PBS tonight –



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