Grandma’s Friends

Maeve and Hugh came from the Old Country

and didn’t smell very good.


My father hid behind a chair

and popped up, “Are they gone?”

while they were still in the doorway.

Mom married him anyway.


With their brogues and silly thoughts,

they were like playthings

after they left down the stairs.


Hugh called and asked for Maeve,

“Me?” said Dad. “I’m me, who are you?”

“I’m Hugh.”

“No,” said Dad. “I’m me, who are you?”

Etcetera, etcetera….


Grandma fed them tea

and listened to their silliness.

They were so far from home and family and good Cashel dirt.

The kitchen floor was covered with newspapers

and at night

she’d roll up the tea crumbs

to keep the floor clean.



About alicebarrett

Small town writer
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