Surfeit of Nonsense

This morning I woke up with the word “surfeit” in my mind. No idea why. I couldn’t remember whether it meant too many or not enough. So I had fun with a thesaurus.

This is a participatory poem. Add your favorite brand new wine name.

Surfeit of Nonsense

A surfeit of heat in California resulted in a dearth of grapes

Followed by a scarcity of wine.

An overproduction of cheap wine in previous years

Gave very cheap wine an advantage, and was no longer cheap.

And there appeared a plethora of brand new wines:

American Apple Soda Wine,

Cumming’s Carrot Wine,

Grandma’s Grass Wine (for medicinal purposes only),

Smith’s Line of Patriotic Wine:

Red Current, White Tulip, and Blueberry Wines,

Florida Hanging Chad Recount Sipping Wine,

Quaker John’s Non-Alcoholic Straw Wine,

Dumpster Dive Dinner Wine,

Blood Drive Red Wine,

Pooh Bear Honey Buzz Wine,

Cayenne Catnip FerMinted Wine.

Americans love a surplusage of just about anything.

So the superfluity of wine choices faired well.

Americans suffer perhaps from an excess of creativity

And appalling scarcity of taste.

(Feel free to add your favorite wine names below.)


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  1. Mollie says:

    Sour grapes whiners wine

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