I’d like


I’d like a wind-up watch, they don’t need instructions.

I’d like a key that isn’t a card, my Visa won’t open a door.

I’d like a tan that comes from the sun, the liquid turns me orange.

I’d like a girl who is a girl, or a boy who is a boy,

I’d like a girl who is a boy, or a boy who is a girl.


I’d like a tomato that’s red and round and dribbles down my chin.

I’d like some clothes that are cotton, they’re all but forgotten.

I’d like a glass that’s made of glass, a cup that’s made of china.

I’d like a brain that remembers things.

I’d like a marriage that lasts and lasts,

And jokes that are really funny.

I’d like a me who’s just like me.


About alicebarrett

Small town writer
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