When there was night

(written for 30 Poems in November.Please go to http://www.razoo.com/story/poems-for-dollars to Pledge for The Center for New Americans0


When there was night

Endless stars in constant motion, moon shadows, deep sleep, brilliant dreams, waking dreams, shared dreams, zodiacal light, blue, white, red starlight, “The Heavenly Shepard,” and see! the footprints of Vishnu!,  nebula, clusters, birds against the moon, the long, slow spinning of the universe above….

Lead us, Lord, into the light.

fire light, then

oil lamps, then

gas flame, then

electricity, then

Night is conquered.

Thank you, God, Tesla, Edison.

Thank you coal.

Thank you for the ever-present day.

Television, computer screens, phone screens, movie screens, head lights, neon lights, street lights, reading lights, overhead lights, desk lamps, night-lights…..

Night is banished, gifts invisible, dreams are filmed, sleep is timed.



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Small town writer
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