Tim and the Tiny Man

Tim looked down as he came over the knell

And a tiny man with shears was squatting there.


Tim stopped in amazement and stared,

And as he did, the tiny man leaned over his shadow.


Tim’s shadow stopped right at the tiny man’s feet

And the tiny man began to cut away the shadow of Tim’s head.


Too amazed to move, Tim stood and watched

As the tiny man carefully removed Tim’s shadow head.


Tim’s amazement changed to fear and dread.

Smiling, the tiny man rolled up Tim’s shadow head.


Tim began to jump in alarm, as did his shadow,

Except for the head which the tiny man carried away,

While waving a thank-you and good-bye.


(with thanks to an Irishman who told a story)

About alicebarrett

Small town writer
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